Stem cells and Bioidentical hormones

How Do Stem Cells and Bioidentical Hormones Treat Illness

Nowadays, with more illnesses being discovered, Stem Cells and Bioidentical Hormones are slowly gaining traction as a treatment among those who want to explore other solutions. What are these two really?

The body consists of different types of cells. One of them is the undifferentiated or partially differentiated cells, called stem cells, that are later differentiated to perform specialized functions. Because of the stem cell’s ability to transform itself into a cell much needed by the body, it is now used widely to assist with treatment to a lot of medical conditions. These cells are then brought to be processed in a laboratory or conditioned to a body and later is formed to more cells called Daughter Cells. After the daughter cells are processed and divided, they turn into new stem cells or specialized cells with a more specific function like the blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle, or bone cells. These are the only cells in the body that can naturally generate new cell types. This will also help produce a lot of scar tissue in a much less harmful method.


In today’s age, stem cells can be manmade. This is called Bioidentical Hormones. These are very similar to the stem cells created by the body. Glands are the special chemicals (Hormones) that are produced in the body. Hormones are basically like navigators or managers. They handle when and how the body would work. Interestingly, these include the breakdown of food, growth, sex, and brain functions.


Most of the time, bioidentical hormones are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Men and women whose hormones are out of balance or low use these bioidentical hormones for treatments. These are usually made beforehand by a drug company while a pharmacist can also customize other forms depending on the doctor’s order — this is called compounding. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several practices and preparations of stem cells for treatments. This is mainly in the cultivation of the bioidentical Estradiol and Progesterone, where the human body generates their identical structure molecule in the hormones. In other words, they can clone the cell that can be produced naturally by the body. These manmade cells have been tested for safety and purity. This is essential to make sure that each substance has an equal amount of hormones. However, the compound form for these has not been tested and has not earned FDA approval. Pills, creams, gels, sprays, and vaginal inserts that we can see on pharmacy or store shelves that have FDA approved labels are the produce of bioidentical hormones.


Simply put, stem cells are natural and are produced by the human body, while bioidentical hormones are basically a manmade version of stem cells. Both are very beneficial to the human body and can treat illnesses. Read on to know how stem cells and bioidentical hormones can treat diseases.


Stem cells are commonly used in transplants. This is where the embryonic stem cells come in place. The embryonic cells are developed as a substitute for damaged adult tissue. This type of treatment is used for the following:


  • – Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases, damaged neurons or other specific neurological


  • – Repair heart muscle cells that were damaged after a heart attack
  • – Produce insulin for diabetics
  • – Replace damaged tissue or organ


Stem cell research is being practiced more recently as it can treat so many types of diseases. The potential is limitless. In theory, the chance of reaching breakthroughs in any disease is a constant challenge. This is also why medical research studies are always funded because of the possibility that we may find a cure for the most malignant health problems in this world.


When it comes to bioidentical hormones, they are commonly used for women’s and men’s health in providing alternatives for those dealing with hormonal imbalance. However, after a study was initiated in 2002, bioidentical hormones development faced criticisms due to the safety of its procedure. This was what urged physicians to go to therapy, which was a safer alternative for patients at that time. This is now called the Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy (BHRT). It has been proven to be a safer and effective form of treatment.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is being used globally today. Our hormones decline as we age, with some experiencing a faster decline than others. This is what makes a person suffer from hormone imbalance. This also leads to a person being vulnerable to age-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration), commonly linked with hormone imbalance. Below are the steps for starting bioidentical hormones replacement therapy:




Step 1:  Fill up the confidential hormone evaluation form and participate in the lab testing.


The evaluation is inclusive of blood tests, hormone tests, a complete Thyroid profile will also be check, as well as the insulin level and hemoglobin.


Step 2: Once the test results are out, a consultation will take place. Aside from that, hormone levels will also be reviewed, and nutritional concerns will be raised as well so that the therapy could be customized according to your body condition and needs.


Step 3: Recommendations will be given, and prescribed medication will be provided.


In this step, you will get a better understanding of the combination of Bioidentical Hormone balance and stem cell therapy. You must get familiar with the treatment as it varies on each individual’s situation. This depends entirely on the biological principle of anti-aging, the longevity of life, and maintaining a youthful strength and good health.


Bioidentical hormones are plant-based, where the chemicals are extracted from soy and yam. It is broken down in the laboratory into a granular level so that it can be adequately absorbed in the body. This therapy is also called “natural hormone therapy” because bioidentical hormones act in the body exactly how the hormones we humans produce. For women, the body cannot distinguish bioidentical hormones with the ones the ovaries produce, which is why it is safe.


Stem cells, on the other hand, as it can help regenerate tissue, can also treat Peyronie’s disease. The adipose tissue from the stem cells was tested and injected on rats, with the results showing a lot of improvement in the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Fast forward to between 2013 – 2015, human Peyronie’s Disease patients ages 18 and older with ideal conditions were tested. The stem cells injected into the sexual organ via a needle managed to straighten the organ and improve connective tissue’s flexibility.


Before deciding to opt for any therapy, it is always advised to weigh the options with a professional doctor. Stem cells and Bioidentical hormones come with many benefits, but they also have some conditions to consider as people come with different mental and physical states. Thorough research and tests play an imperative role in the growth of this therapy. Many have already undergone this treatment and medicine. The success rate has been very promising, but it is still in the development stage, where professionals like medical doctors and scientists do their best to reach the optimal potential of this great possibility.


At Utah Stem Cells, we take this matter seriously, and we make sure that a candidate for this treatment and therapy gets the right amount of help they need. This is very important as too much of anything is not good at any cause. With proper research and progressive updates on the technologies, Stem Cells and Bioidentical Hormones would help a lot of people, especially those who need them the most. So visit your nearest clinic or doctor for consultation. Everyone deserves to live a long and fulfilling life, and this always begins with the first step.