Weight phentermine

Medical Weight Loss

Experience how you can put medical science to work for you to shed the pounds you want and get the life you deserve. Many of us are looking for ways to lose weight and keep it off. Utah Stem Cells can provide you an individualized plan to help you overcome the various struggles and pitfalls that you may encounter, and help you achieve the successful results you desire.

The Hormones That Keeps On Giving

Dr. Cimikoski has helped his patients overcome hormonal imbalance and its associated weight gain using natural bioidentical hormones integrated with customized nutrition and fitness programs. As we age, our hormones naturally begin to decline and when they do, so does the rate at which we metabolize fats. The older we get, the harder it seems to keep the weight off.
Your long lost figure may not be as hard to uncover as you imagine. Together we will run comprehensive testing to determine all of your hormone levels, review your symptoms and your lifestyle and objectives, Dr. Cimikoski will construct a unique and individualized plan to help you best achieve your goals. Put science on your side, and let medicine do some of the heavy lifting for you.