Case Study IV Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathy Patients

Brief History:

My name is Spencer H. I suffer from neuropathy. I first started feeling its effects about 6 years ago in my feet and legs. I had frequent burning sensations in my toes especially, as well as pins and needle type pain. It became almost impossible to wear shoes and stockings. In the fall of 2016 I was examined by a neurologist who arrived at the neuropathy diagnosis following several lab tests. My feet lost their sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. I was able to walk, but not for long distances. Sandals were my only form of footwear. I had constant cramps in my legs at night, and could not stand to have even bedsheets over my feet. It felt as if they were on fire.
On the recommendation of a son-in-law who received stem cell treatment for a knee injury, I contacted Dr. Cimikoski’s office and made an appointment for November 27, 2018.


November 27, 2018: Today I had a Stem Cell IV injection from Dr. Cimikoski at his office in Salt Lake City. I am optimistic. It is my hope that this stem cell treatment will reverse the neuropathy.

December 10, 2018: It has been two weeks since my treatment. My legs have been more painful at night than at any other point in my experience with neuropathy. I had a blood pressure reading today of 160 over 107. Very high compared to normal. My ears have been ringing for the last 48 hours non-stop. It is a bit disruptive.

December 18, 2018: My blood pressure is still above normal but more reasonable. My ears are still ringing but not to the point of being debilitating, just a low steady ring.
My legs (from my ankles to my knees especially, but to my thighs also) have been less painful. The pain during the previous years has generally been a burning sensation along with some amount of pins and needles sort of thing. But for the last three consecutive nights I have been able to sleep better with less pain. I can even keep a blanket over my leg during the night. Normally I have had to kick the blanket off two or three times each night to give my feet some cool air or sleep without any covering at all on my feet. I had difficulty with the weight of any blanket and even with just the close contact of a sheet. I’ve used an antihistamine (Unisom) two to three times a week at bedtime to try to sleep in order to deal with the pain.

December 19, 2018: This morning I feel I am making some progress. It has been 23 days since the treatment and my feet are “calming” down. They don’t appear so purple and have more of a healthy flesh tone.

December 26, 2018: I am still feeling positive that my feet are becoming a little more calm. I am able to sleep with blankets over my feet with no burning sensation. I still have ringing in my ears. I have no idea of the cause of the ringing but have concluded it is not due to the stem cell treatment.

January 1, 2019: Today I was able to bend my toes downward. I haven’t been able to do that for several years. I visited a podiatrist five years ago to see if he could assess what was going on with my feet. I could not wear shoes at the time, nor could I bend my toes downward at all. He had no answer, but he was surprised by the large deposit of tissue under the base of my toes.

January 4, 2019: Today I was able to walk a mile with shoes on. I used a pair of sneakers but without socks yet. I had no difficulty and am able to continue to bend my toes downward each day. My feet, for the most part, although I am having to get used to wearing shoes and socks again. I don’t wear them for more than a few hours each day, and have to give my feet a break. Nighttime muscle cramps in my feet and legs are decreasing. I can no longer feel the neuropathy in my calves or thighs.

January 15, 2019: Today is the seventh week following treatment. I purchased a pair of new sneakers and some light weight stockings a few days ago. I have no pain whatsoever wearing them, although I am still getting used to the presence of my feet. I still wear sandals around the house. I walk a mile or more each day with no ill-effects. Today I even walked with some amount of briskness. I can tell that one of these days I will be able to run some. I feel interested in exercising again. With neuropathy, I had lost all desire. I am very optimistic. My ears are still ringing however, although not constant. My legs are totally calm at night.

January 19, 2019: I am still making progress although two nights ago I had a miserable night. My legs and feet felt like I had a setback. They burned all night long. They burned all night long. I had to throw the covers off and leave my feet in the open cold air to cool them down. However, last night was very good again with no burning whatsoever. I walked along mile this morning in shoes and stockings at a very brisk pace. I felt very good. I’ve been able to wear shoes for longer periods. Stockings are still not viable as often as shoes.

January 22, 2019: Today is the eight week mark. While I still am not fully restored to what I would call normal, I have improved over the last eight weeks remarkably. I am scheduled to have the second treatment one week from today. If the next eight weeks continue my improvement like the last eight have, it will be a great thing for sure. I am optimistic.

January 31, 2019: My appointment has been delayed one week. Today I walked three miles in total. I feel wonderful. No pain, no burning, just great. My cardiovascular condition has improved remarkably. I walk without stress or strain. My blood pressure is back to a normal level. Walking and eating less, I’ve lost 14 pounds. I believe that is an indirect outcome of the stem cell caused improvement in my legs.