Peyronies Disease Treatment Sandy UT | Utah Stem Cells


Peyronies disease is a noncancerous condition that comes from fibrous scar tissue that forms on the penis. Peyronies causes curved and painful erections as well as significant bends in the penis. Peyronies can prevent men from having sex, or it might make it difficult to maintain an erection. Peyronies disease also causes stress and anxiety, and the disease rarely heals itself. Men with Peyronies disease often experience penile shortening, and the only treatment is to keep the disease from getting worse.

Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for patients with PD, and the results are promising. Stem cells are capable of self-renewal and promote the repair of tissues because of their immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action. Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) are used because they have plentiful tissue sources and are easy to isolate.  Studies indicate the value of stem cell therapy as a potential treatment for Peyronies Disease which is a fibrotic disease. ADSCs may represent a way to treat and prevent PD in men.