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Every woman alive will have cellulite. It can be a little or a lot, but one thing is for sure, you’re not alone. At Utah Stem Cells we are able to provide an exclusive protocol to target visible cellulite reduction with Acoustic Wave Therapy. Patients with cellulite type 1 to 3 will experience better results. With our protocol, red light therapy increases circulation, and AWT breaks down fat at high frequencies. As a result, metabolic processes are encouraged and the perfusion is being increased. Likewise, AWT serves to tighten slack skin.

The benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy

  • The cellulite is visibly reduced after 4-5 treatment sessions
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Zero downtime
  • Also serves to tighten slack skin
  • Helps to reduce subcutaneous fat to support diet, cryotherapy, or injection lipolysis (“anti-fat injections”)
  • Helps reduce scars and stretch marks


AWT is intended for all women who present type 1-3 cellulite – irrespective of their thighs, bottom, hips, and/or belly are affected.

In Acoustic Wave Therapy, shock waves encourage the formation of new connective tissue. The radial waves serve to press the fat out of the cells and intensely stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood.

It may take up to  4 to 5 treatment sessions until the first results can be seen. However, really good results will require a sequence of at least 10 sessions.

To achieve lasting results, we recommend one or two sequences, each of 10 treatments at one-week intervals. Once the treatment has been completed, the results will continue to improve for another 2-3 months and remain stable for about the next 4 months. We recommend undergoing another sequence of 4-5 treatments after about 6-9 months or alternatively 1 treatment session per month regularly.

With young patients who suffer from light cellulite (type 1), the cellulite can disappear nearly completely. If the degree is a rather severe one (type 3), at least the bumps will be reduced and the skin will be tightened to achieve a smoother complexion.

No. This technology has been used for many years with consistent results and no reported side effects, aside from small bruises.

Small areas (such as the front side of the thigh) $110 / session – lasts 20-30 minutes

Large areas (such as thighs and bottom or the front and backside of your thighs) $150/session – lasts 50-60 minutes

For more information on package treatment fees, please refer to our Price List.