Stretch Marks Resurfacing Sandy UT | Utah Stem Cells


Everyone has them.  Striae distensae, more commonly known as stretch marks, can be a source of embarrassment even if you are the only one who sees them. Our goal at Utah Stem Cells is to help you feel your very best self in the body you are in. We will address those unsightly lines and diminish their appearance by stimulating new tissue and collagen and elastin growth in just a few visits.

Stretch marks are the white and sometimes purple lines that appear during rapid changes in your body’s size.  These changes include rapid weight gain or loss, increased muscle mass with weight training, growth spurts associated with puberty, and pregnancy.  They are most common on legs, thighs, buttocks, and tummies but are also found on breasts, arms, and flanks.  The sudden stretching of your skin results in a tearing of the dermis and that becomes apparent in both discoloration and texture.

Treatment depends on the age and depth of your stretch marks so the number of visits will vary on a case to case basis. You may see changes with only one treatment but the more likely scenario would be two to four treatments.

While minimally invasive, our stretch mark treatment can be uncomfortable as the treatments progress.  To ensure your comfort and the efficacy of your results, we provide  topical numbing cream that will be used at every visit.