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Mini Lip Plump

A petite plump, 1/2 a syringe is generous enough to create a hydrated and full look without being “too much.”
Ideal for a first time filler or those seeking a naturally perfect pout.

Full Lip Plump

A plump that pops, a full syringe creates a voluminous and shapely lip.
Ideal for luscious lip lovers, Dr. C will recommend the perfect product and volume to plump that pout (to be determined upon consultation).
Usually lasts four to six months

Vampire Facial

The anti-aging facial made popular by Kim Kardashian boasts an all over skin rejuvenation via new skin cell growth, and a boost in collagen and elastin.  It also addresses scarring, sun damage,  fine lines and wrinkles.
We recommend a series of three for optimum results.

Brow Lift

Dr. C can “lift” your brows with just a few units of neurotoxin, giving you a bright eyed and beautiful boost.
Ideal for those who wish to enhance their natural arch and achieve a well rested and youthful appearance

Morpheus8 stretch marks

Combining advanced microneedling technology with radio frequency, this treatment will diminish the appearance of stretch marks and create silky smooth, and softer skin.
We would love to help you feel beautiful in your own skin again in just a few treatments.

Morpheus8 scar fading

Unsightly surgical scars?  Old acne scarring? We’ve got you covered with this advanced microneedling and radio frequency treatment.  With only a few visits we can address the scars that have long since been bothersome. We feel confident that this treatment will brighten, tighten and retexture your skin in a radiant way!