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favicon_testimonialsSuzanne S.

After the treatment, I am able to do much more and am more physically active. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night in pain. The pain is much relieved after the treatment.

favicon_testimonialsEhsan II

An excellent health care center. The staffs are so friendly and helpful who helped me to deal with bioidentical hormones. Personally I am so happy for their tremendous efforts. It improved my life style and now I feel great. I can’t recommend enough.

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James. L.

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Ehsan. II.

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Adele. M.

favicon_testimonialsJames. L.

I came to Dr. Bill with fatigue, sadness, loss of motivation, basically almost depressed. He suggested that it could be hormonal imbalance. I thought that was crazy since I’m only 35. Turns out he was right according to all the lab tests that confirmed his initial evaluation. The procedure took 25 minutes, it was easy, and I couldn’t feel a thing which is a big bonus since I’m a baby when it comes to pain! It’s been almost 3 weeks now and I feel so great, I highly recommend Bioidentical Hormones… at least I would say, in doubt, do your labs, and find out if you can be helped… it did wonders for me, I lost 5 pounds just by not being so anxious and sleeping better. I never get tired anymore, my lovely wife is forever grateful.

favicon_testimonialsMelissa. G.

I am so happy with my experience!!!! Dr. Bill Cimikoski takes so much pride in his work. My hands down BEST experience to date. Thank you! Great prices! Beautiful results. I’m so excited! !!!