laser hair removal


With Utah Stem Cells’ state of the art laser technology, you can permanently remove unwanted body hair in 5-6 laser hair removal treatments. Call us to learn more about our introductory package and start seeing results.


People typically compare the feeling to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Some areas of the body can be more sensitive (underarms, bikini, or upper lip) and every client’s tolerance is different.

The complete treatment requires a series of 4-6 sessions and it is only effective on hair follicles in the active growth phase. Length between treatments can vary from 4-8 weeks. Many clients enjoy upwards of 20-25% hair reduction after the first treatment, and it is realistic to expect smooth hairless skin after 4-6 sessions, depending on treatment area and skin color.

In the event that after 8 Laser Hair Removal treatments you feel additional treatments are needed (in the purchased area) you will receive an additional treatments at no cost.

While you don’t necessarily need to go to a doctor’s office for this procedure, you should always require a doctor for a start – up consultation.  Doctors are required to understand the different lasers in residency and on their board exams, while non-core doctors are not.

Because laser hair removal is all about choosing the right laser for your skin type, the doctor should also be the one to examine you and determine which laser is best. Some medications, such as antibiotics, can make your skin sensitive to the laser.  says. “A doctor will know what drugs you can’t take while getting laser hair removal done, and they need to talk to you and examine you in person.”

Yes! The benefits of buying a package deal is that you become part of our Laser Club. As a member, you get 20% off your next laser treatment

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Lip, Chin, Ears, Naval, Sideburns, Cheeks, Bikini, Underarms, Half Neck

  • Single Touch Up Treatment: $30
  • Package of 6 treatments: $149

Lower Legs, Forearms, Buttocks, Shoulders, Half Back, Chest, Stomach, Full Face, Full
Neck, Brazilian

  • Single Touch Up Treatment: $45
  • Package of 6 treatments: $229

Full Back, Chest and Stomach, Full Arm, Full Leg

  • Single Touch Up Treatment: $68
  • Package of 6 treatments: $354

$95 / month for unlimited treatment on up to 3 areas for 12 months.
12-month contract required – no sign-up fee!

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