Face-Lifts and skin Regeneration are in widespread demand in the US and stem cell therapy for the same is becoming increasingly popular due to its obvious benefits in comparison to the conventional methods. This treatment can not only reverse age you to look atleast 10 years younger, the effects of the therapy are long lasting as well.

Who should get it done?

At Utah Stem Cells, we can help you improve your skin condition if you have skin issues like:

  • Dark circle and puffy eyes
  • Fine lines and sagging around your skin, lips and eyes
  • Dull skin
  • Loss of firmness in skin
  • Wrinkled, elastic and aged skin
  • Your skin is not as fresh and healthy as it used to be

How does Dermapen Work?

Skin regeneration treatment administered at Utah Stem Cells, makes use of the advanced technologies of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell therapy (Using Amniotic Cells).

The procedure takes about 60 minutes and begins with a blood draw from the patient. The blood is then centrifuged in a sterile tube to obtain a platelet rich plasma. The red blood cells and white blood cells are separated from the platelet and plasma. The plasma now has a higher concentration of platelets which is five times that of the regular plasma. This platelet rich plasma is then activated and is injected using microneedles into appropriate areas after giving a local anaesthesia.

How can Platelets Rejuvenate Skin?

Platelets are known to be responsible for clotting whenever there are any wounds. A platelet rich plasma will stimulate the growth of collagen and also regenerates tissue by secreting growth factors and thus aids in skin regeneration and tightening. As the skin starts to rejuvenate, it tightens ironing out the wrinkles for a smooth skin texture.

Since it is acquired from the patient’s own body there is no chance for rejection and you can get naturally looking smooth and young skin.

Benefits of Dermapen

We use a variety of natural ingredients in our anti-aging treatments and the treatment is only administered by highly qualified and trained professionals, which is primarily the essence of the rate of success we have been able to achieve in the skin regeneration vertical. Once you have had the Dermapen Treatment you can expect:

  • Less Hyperpigmentation
  • Reduced scarring and skin pores
  • Lesser wrinkles and fine lines caused due to sagging

Your skin, which has undergone sun damage and ages prematurely causing sagging and fines lines, will start to plump up with more collagen which lends a brighter look to the skin. Dermapen is a natural approach to improve skin tone and texture to give you a fresher and healthier skin without any side effects quickly and for a longer period of time.

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